Ulysses and Alex’s UMD Bucket List

Jim Henson Statue outside UMD's Stamp Student Union (Shaun Farrell/Flickr Creative Commons)

Jim Henson Statue outside UMD’s Stamp Student Union (Shaun Farrell/Flickr Creative Commons)

May 22, 3:30 p.m., Dekelboum Hall.

Just over a month from now I’ll be walking across a stage, shaking hands with professors and leaving the University of Maryland. And I’m not ready.

The past four years have been an exciting blur. Even though I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, there are still so many things around campus that I haven’t had the chance to do yet.

“How have you not done that?!”

That’s the reaction I’m expecting for most of what I’m about to name. I mean really, some are just embarrassing.

I’ve never eaten at Bagel Place, I’ve never been to the top of the bleachers at Byrd Stadium and probably worst of all…I still haven’t left Testudo an offering. My UID should probably be taken away for that last one.

Other places I’ve always wanted to see but just never took the time to check out.

There’s the farm, WMUC studio and Lake Artemesia for starters, but this campus is enormous – there are so many areas I haven’t discovered.

Still, at least a few of the things I’ve wanted to do are more off the beaten path.

You’ve probably seen the Memorial Chapel, but what about the Kissing Tunnel nearby? Ever stopped to investigate Rossborough Inn or McNamee Cemetery? Cornerstone and Looney’s are College Park staples, but what about places like Mulligan’s or Fishnet?

These things are all such a big part of the UMD experience and for some reason I always thought to myself: “They’ll still be there. I’ll get to it later.” Well now there are 39 days left before I get my degree.

There is no more later  there’s only now.

At the beginning of April, I sat down with my best friend Alex and started making a bucket list. Together, we came up with a list of 100 things to do before leaving UMD. There are 33 activities to do, 33 places to see and 33 food and drink options to try.

100 things might seem ambitious for such a short amount of time but I’ve realized something important about myself while working on this journalism degree – I will never get anything done if I don’t have a deadline.

One last note: there’s a reason those numbers I mentioned only add up to 99 (and it has nothing to do with my lifelong struggle with math). The last thing on my list is the last thing I’ll ever do here as an undergraduate, and it deserves its own category.

#100 – Graduate.

Follow #UMDBucketList on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as Alex and I rush to check everything off our list, and feel free to tweet me suggestions for items to add at @Uly_Says. I’ll also be publishing a final interactive list in a few days so anyone else can join in too!

Wish us luck.

4 thoughts on “Ulysses and Alex’s UMD Bucket List

  1. Wishing you both all the luck and laughter as you finish your UMD Bucket List! Let me know if you ever need a walk around the farm! Can’t wait to read your tweets, like photos and statuses!

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